When Greg White approached ANCHR with an idea for a book based on his study of an area along Highway 32 affected by the August 2016 Santos Fire, he made a comment that struck a chord. He wanted to bridge the gap between local historians and archaeologists, which he hoped this book would do, or at least, be a step in the right direction.

This book is unique in terms of structure and how we approached it. The book is divided into two parts. Part One includes topics we found of interest in Greg's report that we expanded upon (John Bidwell's road building venture, Ten-Mile House, Frank Bidwell Durkee's push for a new road, the rock fences, and much more). Part Two contains Greg’s original report (with data removed about culturally sensitive sites).


We hope this book is entertaining, educational, and helps bridge the gap between professional archaeologists, local historians, and lay people alike. Above all, we want the history in this book, presented in context with area archaeology, to underscore the critical need for a strong public commitment to understand the importance of preserving historical features and their stories before they vanish for good. So buckle up and enjoy the ride on a road that still has a lot to tell us in every rut, curve, and detour along the way.

Ten Miles of Roadside Archaeology Along the Old Humboldt Wagon Road


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